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GS LED Neck & Face Beauty Tool

GS LED Neck & Face Beauty Tool

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Finding treatment for the neck area can be challenging and costly!

Our LED Neck & Face Beauty Tool will improve your skin appearance so you will NEVER NEGLECT such a visible area.

This device is great for lifting the neck muscles and skin to prevent and reduce the appearance of double chins, fine lines & wrinkles. Through Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), microcurrents are released, to increase skin elasticity and tightness.

When the device makes contact with your skin, it produces ultrasonic vibrations to warm up and massage the area.

It promotes blood flow and collagen regeneration which slows ageing of epidermal cells (epidermal cells protect your skin against invasion of bacteria, foreign particles and regulating the amount of water released from the body).

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What Makes Each Color Special?

If your skin is looking puffy and swollen, try the Green LED light therapy mode to drain swelling and boost circulation.

If your skin is experiencing pimples and acne flare ups, kill bacteria with the Blue LED light therapy mode.

If you’re noticing fine lines, wrinkles and a lack of elasticity, try the Red LED light therapy mode to boost collagen production and restore your skin.

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How to use

Prior to use, cleanse your neck & face thoroughly. Ensure it's free from dirt and do not use oil in combination for this treatment.

Long press the power button for over 1.5s to turn on the device.

Short press the button to choose one of the 3 modes: Cleaning, Heat, and Microcurrent.

Hold the handle and glide in an upward direction, following the natural contour of your neck or jaw (avoid the mid-line bone of the neck).

Glide for 5 seconds in each targeted area.

The device will automatically turn off if there is no movement for 1 minute.

You can use it 2-3 times a week, 5 minutes each day. You may want to use it 5 times a week during the first month of getting the device for a stronger result.


Microcurrent: Lift up sagging skin and reduce fine lines.

Cleaning: to cleanse dirt and help reduce the appearance of pores.

Heat: help the skin to relax.

Red Light

Reduce the signs of aging by removing wrinkles and boosting collagen production.

Blue Light

Reduce acne by eliminating bacteria. Improve the appearance of inflammation and puffiness.

Green Light

Sculpt skin and encourage circulation to reveal youthful, radiant skin.


Charging time: 2 Hours
Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
Input: 5.0V-1A
Product size: 89*47*120mm

What's in the box

1 x LED Neck & Face beauty tool
1 x USB Cable for charging
1 x User Manual

General Information

You cannot use this product when charging.

You feel discomfort or appear abnormal skin during using process, please stop using immediately.

This product has not waterproof function.

You just need clean cloth to wipe product.

It flashes red light when low battery, flashes blue lights when charging and long blue light when charging finished.

It automatically closes after 2 minutes if not use.

It is advised to use 5-10 minutes every time.


This device is NOT recommended for people with epilepsy, heart conditions, tumour and cancer, excessive fillings, or bridgework, using pacemakers, metal plates or pins; pregnant or planning for pregnancy.

All jewellery will need to be removed for the treatment.

The products may have additional information and instructions on or inside the packaging that you should carefully read and follow.

For any concerns or questions, please contact your GP or dermatologist.

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